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  GREEN Cleaning Specialists
* Carpet Cleaning
                                          * Upholstery Cleaning
                                          * Area Rug Cleaning
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Here are some facts about our "Green Cleaning"

A safer way to clean carpets and upholstery -

* No Harsh Cleaning          * Asthma & Allergy
 Chemicals                         Approved
* No Soapy Sticky             * All Natural
 Residue                          * Biodegradable
* Pet Friendly
* Skin Sensitive

   Green Seal(tm) Certified Products

   Tested and Approved by:
                                    Carpet and Rug Institute
                                    Collins & Aikman
                                    Power Bond
                                    Allied Fiber
                                    Green Seal(tm)

   Indoor Air Quality Certified

* No Odor
* No VOC's
* No Off Gassing
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